An intense golden texture fills the room– 
a cloud of mist or mysterious dust.
A world where berries hold hidden truths,
stomachs of lovers are sewn together
and men bloom like flowers. 
Daisies grow between the nails
and lilies resurrect the dead.

Irene Sorozábal: composition, voice and recorder

Kirsi Marja-Harju: trumpet

Adrián Moncada: piano

Pedro Ivo Ferreira: double bass

George Hadow: drums


KURKUMA is a project led by recorder player, singer and composer Irene Sorozábal. Born from the composer’s urge to let go of stylistic preconceptions and heed to her intuition, KURKUMA developed its own unique approach that merges musical languages, ranging from contemporary jazz to renaissance counterpoint.

Performances in Amsterdam venues, such as Goethe Institute, Comedy Cafe and Teatro Munganga, were warmly received and praised for their honesty, fragility and unexpected combinations of sounds. KURKUMA’s debut album has been released on the audiophile label TRPTK (https://trptk.com). This recording receives support from Amarte Fonds.

With its harmonious blend of free improvisation and early music elements, KURKUMA appeals to an eclectic audience, interested in contemporary jazz, classical music, early music and alternative genres.